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Sea Hearts Surf Club

Helping You Become a confident surfer

Most women let fear hold them back on their surfing journey. Learn and travel with us to become a WaterWoman so you can catch more waves and surf with confidence.

Sea Hearts in Surfing in Lombok Indonesia
Sea Hearts in Surfing in Lombok Indonesia
Surfing in Lombok
Surf travel guides to places like Indonesia and beyond

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Surf Tips: How to do a Proper surf check

Surf tip: learn how to do a proper surf check to keep yourself safe in the ocean and know when to go and when to say, “no.”


Surfing in Lombok, Indonesia is a proper adventure and local knowledge goes along way in scoring the best waves in Lombok.

Crowded beach during summer in Australia.

How to Catch More Waves in a Crowd

Most people say one of their biggest fears in surfing is drowning. Learn how to create a plan for that worst case scenario.

Download the WaterWoman’s Journal

Get our guide to preparing mentally and physcially for your next surf trip. Over 30 pages on conquering fear, building your surf fitness, and even a packing list so you’re ready to go on your next surf trip!

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Sea Hearts Surfaris

Here’s the Plan

  1. Read our journal.
  2. Book a surf trip.
  3. Start Training 6 Weeks before your Surfari with our #GetReadytoRip Program
  4. Show up ready to surf, meet a tribe of WaterWomen, and let the good times roll.
  5. Leave feeling more stoked on surfing and yourself than ever before.
Surfing a glassy wave

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COnquer Fear. Surf Better. Have More fun.